MIKS #1 | Pink-blank-grey


MIKS Composition. Difficult to choose? Choose one of the seven compositions selected by STUDIO SLUIJTER!

Composition #1 contains a total of six pieces:
Arch open | Light grey | 7,5x15cm
Beam | Dark pink | 2,5×17,5cm
Arch large| Blank | 10×12,5cm
Round large | Dark pink | Ø10cm
Square large | Dark green | 10x10cm
Round half | Powder pink | 5x10cm

Incl. nail template (to determine the position of the nails with the chosen composition)

Also available in:
* blue-blank-green
* grey-blank-rust

Made of 9mm thick Birch plywood. Satin paint finished.
Hanging method: nail to hanging cap.

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